NISE Certified Skill Development Courses

Konark Certification Programme

The participants will be trained in basic Solar Engineering and Management. Training will be provided to install a complete Solar Power Plant, identify the Operation & Maintenance issues through fault-finding analysis and also be able to trouble-shoot the problem. Further, the programme also includes training on the designing of a complete solar power plant, along with understanding of project management principles and entrepreneurship skills.

Qualification/eligibility: Engg Graduates (EEE, ECE, Mech)
Course Duration: One Month

The Programme covers the following aspects:

  • PV Principles, Solar Geometry
  • PV technologies & manufacture
  • Charge Regulators & System Controls
  • Load Estimation
  • System Sizing
  • Bypass & Blocking Diodes
  • Battery Technology
  • Energy Enhancement through Tracking Technologies
  • Inverter Technology
  • System Wiring
  • Fundamentals of Hybrid Power Systems
  • Installation and Trouble-shooting
  • Solar PV Water Pumping

Mode of the Programme:
The programme is designed to impart 60% practical training and 40% theory. Students will get hands-on experience to work on live models, attend guest lectures of leading industry experts, go on site visits, take assessment tests, do case studies and so on. Students will be assigned projects such as design of 100 KW solar PV power plant from LT to Grid, sizing of cables for a 100 KW or 1 mega watt project, study of Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT), trends in solar cell technology and efficiency improvements etc.

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