Suryamithra Certification Programme

Qualification / Eligibility: ITI and Polytechnic Diploma Holders
Course Duration: 90 Days

The participants will be trained in basics of Electricity and Fundamentals of Solar Energy, Project Execution, Operation & maintenance, Planning & Installation of Solar PV Electrical System, Testing & Commissioning of Solar Plant, complying with all the safety standards of the equipment etc.

The Programme covers the following aspects:

  • Introduction to basics of Electricity and Safety Procedures
  • Fundamentals of Earthing
  • Fundamentals of PV Module and its application configuration
  • Basic Understanding of CT, PT, LA, Switchgear Isolator, ABT Meter, etc.
  • Handling and storage of DC Components
  • Reading of drawings and specifications:
    • Civil Foundation
    • Structure Erection and Module Mounting
    • Inverter and Transformer Installation
    • Reading of Single Line Diagram
  • Usage of tools required for PV Plant installation
    • Basic knowledge of tools like ammeter, voltmeter, tong tester, irradiance meter, temperature sensor etc.
    • Performance, analysis and trouble-shooting
  • Preparation of work statement and documents
  • Inspection, testing and commissioning
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Soft and Entrepreneurial skills

Mode of the Programme:
The programme is designed to impart 80% practical training and 20% theory. Students will get hands-on experience to work on live models, site visits, assessment tests, case studies. Students will be given projects to install a 3 KW rooftop power plant, installation and maintenance of solar applications such as 5 HP solar submersible a.c. agri pump set, solar street-lights, solar home-lighting system, solar water heater, etc.

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